Catching up with two Heart Center alumni.

William Pu, MD

William Pu, MD, was recently appointed director of Basic and Translational Cardiovascular Research in the Department of Cardiology at Boston Children’s Hospital. He will lead the research program as an associate chief, alongside Jane Newburger, MD, MPH; John Triedman, MD; and Ed Walsh, MD.

Pu hails from Albany, New York and completed his combined BS-MS degree at Yale University. From there, Pu moved to Boston and obtained his MD degree from the Harvard Medical School/MIT Science and Technology Program in 1993. He joined Boston Children’s as an intern in pediatrics, followed by a fellowship in pediatric cardiology. After training in the laboratories of David Clapham and Seigo Izumo, he established the Pu Lab at Boston Children’s in 2004.

Pu comes to his new role with broad expertise in cardiac biology that includes cardiac development, heart failure, cardiac regeneration and in vitro cardiac disease modeling. His lab has made fundamental discoveries in gene regulation in developing and diseased hearts, particularly in the area of transcriptional regulation. Many of these discoveries are the result of innovative approaches to studying heart development and disease, often involving multidisciplinary collaborations that draw on advances in other fields.

Pu is currently engaged in research projects on the genetic causes of congenital heart disease, and gene therapy for Barth Syndrome and CPVT. As a practicing pediatric cardiologist, Pu is intimately aware of the challenging problems that need to be tackled to improve care of pediatric heart disease patients. In his new role, Pu hopes to use his depth of experience to further advance scientific discoveries and bring them to the bedside to improve the care of patients.

David Schidlow, MD, MMus

David Schidlow, MD, MMus, was named associate director of the echocardiography laboratory at Children’s National Health System in Washington, DC in November of 2017.

Schidlow simultaneously completed his premedical studies and a Master of Music at Temple University, where he then went on to medical school. He completed his training in pediatrics at the University of California, Los Angeles and pediatric cardiology at Boston Children’s Hospital from 2010 to 2014, including a senior fellowship in cardiac imaging with a focus on fetal cardiology. He credits Tal Geva, MD, and Wayne Tworetzky, MD, as two important mentors from his time at Boston Children’s, where he also served as chief fellow in cardiology.

With a particular interest in fetal cardiology, Schidlow enjoys working with expecting families affected by the diagnosis of congenital heart disease to provide prenatal and perinatal cardiac care. In his current position, he has taken a leadership role in the Children’s National echo lab, where he is responsible for overseeing quality improvement initiatives, developing cardiac imaging protocols, and educating sonographers and fellows.

For the past several years, Schidlow has also been involved with the National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative (NPC-QIC), a multicenter effort to improve outcomes for patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). Along with David Brown, MD, and Terra Lafranchi, RN, MSN, NP-C, he is a leader of the NPC-QIC Fetal Learning Lab, helping to guide the effort to enhance prenatal care for patients with HLHS. He was also a member of the founding steering committee and continues to actively participate in the Fetal Heart Society.

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